International Society of Political Psychology

Previous Awardees


Anca Minescu (University of Limerick)

Support for the project: Marginalization of ethnic minorities in European countries, with a special focus on Travellers and Roma groups.

Grace Deason (University of Wisconsin - La Crosse) & Rebecca Hannagan (Northern Illinois University)

Research workshop to form and develop a network of political psychologists whose research focuses on gender with particular emphasis on intersectionality.

Gerhard Reese (Université du Luxembourg)

A small group conference on “Identity in a globalized world – Social psychological dynamics in the face of globalization”, to be held from 31st May 2013 – 3rd June 2013 at the International Academy for Nature Conservation, Putbus, Germany.

Katherine Reynolds (Australian National University)

An ISPP pre-conference attached to the Australasian Society of Social Psychologists (SASP), the annual social psychology meeting for Australia and New Zealand.

Erin Hennes (NYU) & Chadly Stern (NYU)

A political psychology pre-conference at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP), the largest organization of social and personality psychologists in the world, February 2014.


Cengiz Erisen (TOBB University of Economics and Technology)

Political Psychology Workshop, May 14-15, 2012, Ankara, Turkey


Jojanneke van der Toorn (Yale University), Margarita Krochik (NYU) and Erin Hennes (NYU)

2nd Annual Political Psychology Pre-Conference, January 27, 2011 at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting

Paul Weich (Central European University)

Political Psychology Networking Conference for the Post-Communist Region, hosted by the Political Behavior Research Group, Central European University, Fall 2011


Guguli Madgrazde (Tblisi State University), Stepan Grigoryan (Armenia), Murad Ismayilov (Azerbaijan), Tamra Pearson d'Estrée (US) and Stephen Worchel (US)

"The Role of Political and Policy Sessions in Understanding Democracy in the South Caucasus" A regional conference and create the Caucasus Association of Political Psychology

Johanna Vollhardt (Clark University), Dr. Michał Bilewicz (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Small conference on the psychology of genocide: Creating a Network of Psychology of Genocide scholars and a special journal issue on the “Psychology of Genocide”, Journal of Social Issues

Janusz Reykowski (Polish Academy of Sciences), Krystyna Skarzynska, Krzysztof Korzeniowski, Urszula Jakubowska and Pawel Boski

International conference: "From the communist totalitarianism towards democracy In Central-Eastern Europe: Contributions of political psychology to understanding of transformation process in the region"


Zeljka Buturovic (Columbia University), Dr. Slobodan Miladinovic (Belgrade), Zeljka Martinovski (Belgrade) and Jovana Papan (Belgrade)

A (bi)annual Conference to establish a regular conference in political psychology theory and history in Belgrade

Martina Klicperova-Baker (Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic)

"Humanism and Democracy across borders...": to encourage networking, producing and publishing by persons from underrepresented regions