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Political Psychology Advancement Workshop

Political Psychology Advancement Workshop
TOBB University of Economics and Technology

May 14-15, 2012

Given the influence of the 2011 annual ISPP conference and the first Summer Academy held in Istanbul, Turkey, this workshop aims to provide an opportunity for the graduate students and scholars to meet for training and collaboration and to initiate a core group of Turkish scholars studying political psychology. This workshop will create a platform of discussion, networking, and collaboration on political psychology.

There are two goals for the workshop: First, the workshop aims to advance interest in political psychology among graduate students as well as to attract participants who did not have the chance to become familiar with political psychology research before and who did not have the chance to participate the Summer Academy in Istanbul. In the first day of the workshop the graduate students will receive training on political psychology research methods, post-graduate studies and research opportunities in political psychology, and publishing in the discipline. Second, the workshop provides the opportunity to present and discuss the papers for the political psychology special issue in Turkish Studies (to-be-published in 2013). The second day of the workshop will be dedicated to this special issue.