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Revising the ISPP Constitution

Last June Cary Funk, then executive director of the Society, informed the officers of the society that she would be taking a new position in the fall. And, as a result, she was resigning her position as executive director well before the end of her five year term.

We have benefitted from the willingness of her assistant, Farrah Graham, as well as that of Virginia Commonwealth University, to sustain the central office for the coming year.

That unexpected event lead to a review of the central office over the history of the Society. In brief, we have relied on academic members to serve as executive directors over the life of the society. That review has made clear that the work of the Central Office has become more complex and more demanding. That in turn has lead to the conclusion that the Society would be well-served in professionalizing the central office so that it has the requisite technical resources (for example, auditing, legal, record keeping, negotiating and grant application skills). The process of evaluating the available options and then filling the post by selecting either an individual or company is now underway. We hope that process will be completed by early spring and in place by early summer. 

However, we have a challenge to meet.

Our current Constitution is quite specific, and in the current circumstance, prescriptive in its conception of the Executive Director and of the Central Office. A special committee of the current and two past councillors has been tasked with revising our Constitution and By Laws to allow for a professional central office should that be the ultimate choice on how to relocate the central office in June of 2012.

We propose the revised Constitution (

 The principal major changes are that to Article XII which pertain to the Central Office. There are more modest changes which alter the role of the executive director sprinkled throughout (these largely assign to the executive director the status as ex-officio).

Along with the proposed revised version, we have also provided a commented version here that annotates the principal changes so that you can identify where we have made changes in the text.

George E. Marcus, David Winter, Martha Crenshaw, current and past Councillors and the Governing Council of the International Society of Political Psychology.


Download the attachment Proposed_Constitution_and_By-Laws_Commented.pdf