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Call for Papers- Narratives of (in) Security: Nationhood, Culture, Religion and Gender

A special issue of Political Psychology will focus on the psychological dimensions of narratives and myths. In particular, contributions to the special issue should ask how identity and agency are constructed and acted upon in relation to narratives of societal and existential security and insecurity. Some of the most significant master narratives of security involve ideas about nationhood, culture, religion, and gender. As narratives, they serve as powerful linkages between past, present and the future as they are told, experienced and sometimes mythologized in conceptions of self and other. 

The co-editors of the special issue – Molly Andrews, Catarina Kinnvall and Kristen Monroe – ask that people submit their papers by May 31, 2012.
All papers will be reviewed and returned within approximately three months.
All revise and resubmits should be returned by November 30, 2012 in order to appear in the June or October 2013 issue of Political Psychology.

Download the attachment Call_for_papers_Narrative_SI.docx