International Society of Political Psychology

ISPP Support for Scholars in Turkey

ISPP's Donation Fund to Support Scholars in Turkey

ISPP established a special fund in order to help support academic scholars in Turkey who have been impacted by the recent actions of the Turkish government. You can find more information here.

International Delegation Observing Court Hearings in Turkey

Read Stephen Reicher's summary from the international delegation observing the court hearings in Turkey

Updates by the Social and Political Psychology Platform of Turkey

November 2017

Special Statements by ISPP and Other Organizations

Joint Statement of Support for Colleagues in Turkey (February 2018)

Joint Statement of Support for Colleagues in Turkey (August 2017)

Emails to our Membership

ISPP Efforts to Help Scholars in Turkey (Email to ISPP membership, March 2017)

Message from ISPP President, Eva G.T. Green, February 2018 (Email to ISPP membership, February 2018)

ISPP Political Psychologists under Threat Committee

ISPP established a committee to monitor and coordinate ISPP actions to support political psychologists whose academic freedom is under threat. If you want to participate please contact the Central Office via

Free one-year ISPP membership for colleagues in Turkey

ISPP is committed to keeping colleagues from Turkey connected to the international community of political psychologists. Therefore, ISPP offers free one-year ISPP membership for colleagues in Turkey. For more information, please contact the ISPP Central Office at

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